Friday, December 30, 2011

Osthe Movie

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Osthe is Silambarasan's mass entertainer movie directed by S. Dharani.
Osthe is the story of a daring stylish cop 'Osthe Velan' (Simbu). Simbu is a youngster living with his half-brother 'Jithan' Ramesh, his mother (Revathy) and his step father (Nasser). Simbu, with his subordinates (Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiah, Mayilsamy and Vaiyapuri), has a gala time in town. Then comes Sonu Sood, a corrupt man with a sole motive to win the by-election. He uses his power and influence and goes hammer and tongs to win the polls. Simbu becomes his nemesis. He plays spoilsport on all the plans of Sonu Sood. Ramesh is in love with Saranya Mohan but her father doesn't agree initially. Simbu gets attracted to Richa Gangopadhyay and they both marry. Revathy dies suddenly. After a chain of events Ramesh is caught by Sonu Sood. How Simbu rescues Ramesh from Sonu Sood's clutches is the rest of the narration.

Osthe - Simbu explosive intro [HD]

Osthe - Kalasala Kalasala Song [HD]

Osthe - Pondaati Song [HD]

Osthe - Neduvaali Song [HD]

Osthe - Unnale Unnale Song [HD]

Osthe - Osthi Maamey Song [HD]

Osthe - Simbu bare body fight [HD]

osthe - Simbu snatching money from villian [HD]

Osthe - Santhanam Comedy at liquor shop [HD]

osthe - Simbu smart talk with Vijayakumar [HD]

Osthe - Santhanam Comedy in Marriage Hall [HD]

Osthe - Simbu Punch Dialogues [HD]

Osthe - Simbu Pot buying from Richa [HD]

Osthe - Simbu teasing Jithan Ramesh [HD]

Osthe - -Simbu Railway station fight [HD]

Osthe - Simbu mimicry comdey scene [HD]

Osthe - Richa Intro [HD]

Osthe - Simbu - Santhanam Comedy 3 [HD]

Osthe - Santhanam - mayilsamy Comedy

Osthe - Santhanam Comedy [HD]

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