Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chandramukhi Movie

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Rajnikant a top psychiatrist from America is on an SOS mission to help rescue his best friend Prabhu's wife Jyothika, who suffers from a split personality syndrome. Jyothika and Prabhu live in a huge mansion, once occupied by a Maharaja. Jyothika thinks she is Chandramukhi, a dancer in the Raja's court. Chandramukhi was killed by the Raja in the past. Rajnikant couples his treatment with exorcism to cure Jyothika.

chandramukhi devuda song

chandramukhi comedy part2

chandramukhi comedy part1

chandramukhi stunts part1

chandramukhi raa raa

chandramukhi konjaneram song

chandramukhi Kokkuparapara song

chandramukhi athinthom song

chandramukhi Annanoda Pattu song

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